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Michael R. Branco / Graphic Designer

Who is Michael Branco?

I go by “BRONCO” to all that know me.

I'm a graphic designer with over 2 decades of ​experience. Born and raised in Williamsburg, ​Brooklyn. Attended P.S. 16, I.S. 71, Brooklyn ​Tech H.S. Then joined the United States Coast ​Guard at the age of 18. Attended Central Texas ​College, Rutgers State University, Florida ​International University, DeVry University, & ​currently enrolled in Nova Southeastern ​University. Retired in Miami, FL. Moved up to ​West Pembroke Pines, FL

I Say Things Like - Talk To Me, It Could Be Better ​and It Could Be Worse, It Is What It Is, Use Your ​Brain Not Mine, I’m Taking A Nap. & The Famous ​“The Bronco was Here“

The design I’m wearing in the

picture above can be found here.

During the COVID-19 pandemic - I did a lot of

design work on facial masks - Some of those

designs can be found here.

My Best Selling Design

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Born & Raised Design

with the Williamsburg ​Bridge in the background.

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Limited Edition Classic Line

1940 to 2010

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United States Coast Guard

T-Shirt Line

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No Incinerators T-Shirt Line

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Florida Cities T-Shirt Line

Miami Dade & Broward County

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My Christmas T-Shirt Line

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Funny Design Line

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Bone Head Design Line

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Poker Design Line

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Some of my Flyer Designs

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I’m selling some of my .com’s

Logo Design

I worked with clients from ​different industries to create ​unique and memorable logos for ​their businesses. My latest design ​was for Broward Clean Air





AI Studios

chat GPT


Freelance Designer

BA Te​chnical Manageme​nt

Magna cum laude


  • Branding & Visual ​Communication
  • Digital Illustration
  • Creative Project Management
  • Content Visualization & ​Execution
  • Brand Refresh and ​Transformation
  • B​usiness Relations

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My Decal Business

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2 Is Better Than 1

Support Your Local 3 Some

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I Love You During The Holidays

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Puff Puff PASS

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Guns Don’t Kill People Clinton’s Do

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I Believe

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Some of my Video Creations